Our Products

  • The Jute Collection (Naturally)

    Jute is that kind of fiber, which is fully bio-degradable and hence do not cause any harm to the environment. Also called BURLAP, it is the cheapest natural fibers. Jute basically has a silky luster along with low extensibility and high tensile strength.

  • The Cotton Collection (Breathe)

    Cotton is a soft natural fiber obtained from the seed pod of the cotton plant, a shrub native to tropical and subtropical regions around the world, including the Americas, India and Africa. Cotton remains the most miraculous fiber under the sun, even after 8,000 years.

  • The Juco Collection (Fresh)

    Juco is an exciting and new material, which combines the durability and beneficial properties of jute with the texture and finishing of cotton fabric. Juco is usually advisable for retail and fashion bags since the hybrid fabric comes from a highly complex process of manufacturing.

  • The Non-Woven Collection (Light)

    Non Woven is a fabric which has low cost, are resistant to humidity and have high rigidity. The bags that are manufactured from this fabric are highly economical. These bags are recyclable and reusable and thus helps in reducing the quantity of waste.