Sonki Creations are basically the makers and exporters of bags which are eco-friendly and are of reusable nature. Their bags are made up of jute, cotton canvas, non woven and juco. The company supplies its products all over the world.

The Company's products are classified into categories such as Jute Collection, which includes jute bags, jute shopping bags, jute wine bottle bags,etc ; Cotton Canvas Collection, which consists of cotton canvas bags, cotton shopping bags. The other two categories are Juco collection, which consists of bags made up of juco and Non Woven collection, which contains bags made of non woven fabric.

The bags provided by Sonki creations are available in various sizes and colors. If a client desires, a design or a logo can also be printed on the bags.

These bags are made in such a way that provide hundred percent satisfaction to the customers. All products which are made available by the company are highly affordable in nature and are of excellent quality. The cotton canvas bags and jute bags provided by the Sonki Creations are bio-degradable, durable and are entirely natural. Only low polluting inks and azo-free dyes are used.

The main aim of the company is hundred percent satisfaction of the customers. The primary goal of the company's sales team is to take care of the requirements of the clients once they have ordered any product(s) from the company. Personal attention is given to meet all requirements of the client.

Once a product is ordered, the entire shipping process is handled by the company. The services of single consignment as well as multi drop is provided, either one of which can be chosen by the customer. The company offers quick delivery with high environmental standards at affordable prices.